Your dream

Do you like beautiful girls, who can take care about you? You don´t want pass anything like night in erotic club, but you would like to try special procedure with erotic elements that can wake up your imagination and who can help you with relaxation? Then we can offer you the best. Our erotic massage is so special that you will not bemoan of your decision.

What can we offer? There are different procedures, which are not only for men, but also for women:
§ classic erotic procedure(special for men, special for women)
§ tantric procedure
§ nuru massage
§ especially procedures for men (penis, prostate massage)

If you want try this service, you definitely should look at our websites, because there are all information. Choose your procedure and then you can choose also girl, who will take care about you. There is description of girls – their weight, height and photo.

Try our salon

Our salon can offer you also special services. We have some food and drink for you, so you can enjoy your time with food-stuff. We are absolutely discreet, so you cannot be afraid of gossip or something like that. There can wait also taxi for you. So enjoy your time for full and don´t wait any moment, because you can get absolutely new experience. You can feel like a God or king, because this service offers you intriguing possibilities and excitement, which you cannot pass anywhere else.
If you need something special, you definitely should try tantra or nuru procedure, because it has a special glamour. It is different, when is your masseuse completely naked and touch you by all her naked body. Then you can remove all your stress and your worries will be away. It is perfect occasion, which you can try not only in capital city, but also in all bigger cities in Czech Republic.

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